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Breakdown: Best Places to Buy Real Estate in Brantford

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

In this article we will break down the top 3 areas to invest in Brantford real estate.

  1. West Brant

West Brant is the new part of Brantford with tons of investment coming from the city and corporations to make this a bustling upscale neighborhood. Here you will find high-end grocery, furniture and other stores, you will also find the A+ tenants to match. Houses in West Brant come a a premium, which means less cash flow and more appreciation. You can expect to have little tenant troubles, and minimal maintenance expenses on these newer homes.

2. Downtown Brantford

Downtown Brantford is a great investment opportunity for investors who are looking to heavily and effectively scale their portfolio. Everything is walking distance with a wide variety of shops, from low end grocery stores like Fresh Co all the way to Metro style stores. This comes with a wide variety of tenants as well from C to B+ blue collar workers, and student rentals near the University. Expect good cashflow from these rentals, however the buildings are older and will require more maintenance on a monthly basis. There is also increased tenancy risk with higher default rates than the upscale West.

3. North Brant

North Brant is very similar to West Brant just not as high scale or new. The tenant profile is also much older. A majority of North Brant is owned by residents who have been in Brantford for decades. Overall North Brant fits in-between the two above but leans closer to West Brant. Most of the homes in this area are owner occupied and rentals are rarer.

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