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Common Questions

How much does Property Management Cost?

Each property has it's own set of needs, book online or contact us to get a personalized proposal for your property. Remember Property management is a tax write off, and our network of professionals will give you the best price saving you 1000s over the life of your investment.

How will you find potential buyers/renters for my property?

We always have a rotating list of interested renters and buyers. In addition your property will be advertised on multiple platforms, with dedicated administrators and leasing agents.

How do you collect rents? / How do I get my rent payments?

As a company we have the benefit of being able to debit rents directly from tenants accounts on the first of every month. This also lets us deposit rents directly into your account.

Will I have to pay for property repairs?

Yes, owners are still responsible for maintaining their property. Allowing us to co-ordinate the maintenance can help you save a lot of money. We also provide the benefit of 24/7 emergency lines to mitigate damages quickly in any situation.

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